Technical Data :

Machine type    : 1040

Width x Depth  : 25 x 30

Height               : 25 cm

Net weight        : 1,3 kg

Output : about 800 ampoules per hour

S I M P L E X  - N O V A   Rinsing Device

This apparatus which is provided with two combined new-type rinsing and emptying valves can be connected either to an existing water supply or to a vessel containing destilled water, placed higher. For the purpose of emptying ampoules or dropping bottles of rinsing water, it is necessary to supply compressed air of at least 750 mm column of water.

Mode of operation : Place 2 ampoules on to the thin cannulas. For rinsing, depress the tube which encloses the canula and the lower end of which is enlarged to form of a funnel, with the thumb and middle finger. Take care to hold ampoule in place with the forefinger gently only to prevent it from getting broken. On letting loose, water supply is interrupted and a connection to the compressed air pipe is established, which in a small fraction of a second forces out used water left in the ampoules or droppers.

Warranty : One year. This warranty does not cover any faults and / or      damages due to improper handling.

Details of standard equipment : NOVA Rinsing Device with two rinsing needles of stainless steel, diam. 2,0 mm

Add. / Extra Equipment available (according to your needs) :

No. 1041   Spare Rinsing Needles of stainless steel

                  Diameter :     1,0       1,2        1,5       2,0 mm

No. 1042   Rinsing Nozzles for bottles 0,5 mm Æ