Technical Data :
Machine type :1048
WidthxDepthxHeight:30x20x27 cm
Net weight : 3,4 kg
Operation : semi-automatic for use with natural gas and compressed air
Output : about 1000 pcs. per hour
SIMPLEX   -   Apparatus for Sealing Ampoules

Semi-Automatic Apparatus for Sealing Ampoules

Place ampoule on the little table adjustable in height, and clamp neck into the tongs tilted down by means of a lever. At the instant of softening  the neck is drawn off under the action of the movable counterweight. When the tongs fall back glass remains are ejected into a handy refuse tank.

The draw-off method permits, even with unskilled hanling, at any time to seal ampoules reliably, at equal heights, with round caps, and without any risk of inflation, even if they differ in wall thickness and neck diameter.  

Warranty : One year. This warranty does not cover any faults and / or damages due to improper handling.

Add. / Extra Equipment available (according to  your needs) : Machine type : No. 1049 - measurements as above - Operation : semi-automatic for use with propane and compressed air