Technical Data :
Machine Type:No. 1264 No. 1264
Width x Depth:
220x120 mm      250x150 mm
Height:  330 mm         420 mm
Net-weight:   11,5 kg     18 kg
Container Capacity :1 litre 3 litres
Casing :made of stainless steel
SIMPLEX  -  Tube Filling Machines

All parts coming into contact with the filling compound consist of stainless steel. For getting the container cleaned and filled easily, it is feasible to have the bridge, wheel, spindle and piston - that means the component parts in all swung out.

Warranty : One Year. This warranty does not cover any faults and / or damages due to improper handling.

Add. / Extra Equipment available (according to your needs) :

1265inserted glass plate (plastic material similar to Acryl glass) 100 Æ for filling tins

1265a inserted part 1litre, 2 litres, 3 litres, 4 litres

1265b adapter for this ½ litre

1266 inserted part with thread M9 or M11

1267 Filling Tubes  of  13, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 34 mm Æ

1269 Tube Closing Pincers of nickel-plated iron

1270 Filling Tube  10 Æ for liquids