Technical Data :
Machine Type : 1351
Width x Depth : 40 x 18 cm
Height : 21 cm
Net weight : 4 kg
Casing : steel sheet, white varnish
Field of view : 120 mm diam
S I M P L E X- Ampoule Testing Apparatus   OPTIMA I

With polarizing filters, for rendering foreign matters clearly visible on dark field.

The testing apparatus integrates a light casing (1) being equipped with a 100-watt opal glass lamp (2) and a light scattering opal glass plate (3). In order to prevent the heating of the polarizing filters being used under conditions of continued service which must whenever possible not be reaching more than 70° Centigrade, mounting of filter (4) which is  being held in a heat insulating synthetic material frame, allows for a distance in front of the light casing. The second filter (5) which is held in a metallic mount (6) being right in front of magnifying lens (7) permitting twofold magnification renders it possible that a rotary motion of 90 degrees is being realized out of the polarization plane. Frame (6) is adjustable in the longitudinal direction for the purpose of focussing what is intended to be magnified. The testing of filled ampoules, both white and brown, should be accomplished whenever possible, in a room not being too bright. Before testing, the polarizing filter (5) should be set to the maximum degree of polarization, i. e. nearly complete obscuration of the visiual field, by having knob (8) moved. Should there be any foreign matters in the ampoule held between the two filters, they will be seen flashing up brightly  and very clearly visible in polarized light. The stand (9) is adjustable to  various heights to set the most convenient viewing height.

This testing method does not overstrain the eyes of the operator, thus avoiding any fatigue even when used for prolonged periods. The two filters and the lens are 120 mm in diameter. This apparatus also enables ampoules and injection vials of larger size to be tested satisfactorily.

Warranty : One Year. This warranty does not cover any faults and / or

damages due to improper handling.