Technical Data :
Machine Type : 1352
Width x Depth : 60 x 40 cm
Height : 38 cm
Net weight : 24 kg
Casing : steel sheet, white varnish
Field of view : 250 mm diam
SIMPLEX   -   Testing device for infusion bottles   OPTIMA II

With polarization filters which enable detection of foreign bodies by making them clearly visible in the dark area. The testing device consists of the light housing (1) with 3 fluorescent lamps (2) and the light scattering opal glass plate (3). As the polarization filters used should not be overheated, reaching

a temperature of more than 70°C during uninterrupted use if possible, the filter (4) is fastened in front of the light housing by means of an insulation ring. The second filter (5) which is held in a metallic mount (6) being right in front of the magnifying lens (7) permitting twofold magnification, renders it possible that a rotary motion of 90 degrees is being realized out of the polarization plane. Frame (6) is adjustable in the longitudinal direction for the purpose of focussing what is intended to be magnified. Testing of the filled white bottles shall be carried out in a room not being too bright, if possible. Prior to the latter the polarization filter (5) needs being adjusted by means

of buttons (8) to the maximum polarization degree, i. e. to the almost entire darkening of the visiual field. If there are foreign bodies in the bottles positioned between both filters, they are illuminated in the polarized light and are very clearly visible. The bottles are supported by two axes and are turnable by means of 3 rollers (9) each. The method of testing does not overstrain the eyes of the operator so that even over long periods no signs of tiredness arise. Both filters have a diameter of 250 mm, the magnifying lens is 300 mm in diameter. For brown bottles a cold light device can be installed, for which an extra price is charged.

Warranty : One year. This warranty does not cover any faults and / or damages due to improper handling.