SIMPLEX   -   Tube Closing Machine

The Tube Closing Machine is made of anodized lightmetal.

Sliding carriage for printing and folding made of stainless steel.

For closing metal tubes up to 40 mm in diameter.

Warranty : One year. This warranty does not cover any faults and / or damages due to improper handling.  

Technical Data :
Machine type : 1491
Width x Depth : 20 x 12 cm
Height : 27 cm
Weight : 3 kg
Operation : handoperation
Output : approximately 250 - 300 tubes per hour

Add. / Extra Equipment available (according to your needs) :

No. 1496e   Coding Device for tubes

Usually the coding device is fitted on the back of the closing apparatus. Optionally it can be equipped with an own frame.Up to 12 digits can be printed on the tube fold.

No. 1496f    Printing types letters A - Z

No. 1496g   Printing types number 0 - 9