Technical Data
Machine Type : 1491m 
Width x Depth : 40 x 40 cm Height : 40 cm Net-weight : 40 kg 
Driven : Motor 230/400 Volt 50 Hz
Closing machine for metal tubes up to 40 mm in diameter, with motordrive

Fold width steplessly adjustable, optionally double or triple fold. Inclusive one-sided coding device with 6 digits. Single clock operation.

Warranty : Six month. This warranty does not cover any faults and / or damages due to improper handling.

Output : approximately 1500 tubes per hour

Add. / Extra Equipment available (according to your needs) : No. 1491 the same machine as above, but with 8-digit-coding on one side No. 1496a 1 set numbers 0 - 9 No. 1496b 1 set letters A - Z all digits and letters separately available per piece No. 1496c special tube holder for small tubes up to 13,5 mm in diameter No. 1490d special tube holder for small tubes up to 16 mm in diameter