Technical Data :
Machine Type: Exakt 35 Exakt 50
Width x Depth: 14x25 cm 25x32 cm
Height without hopper: 18 cm 25 cm
Diameter of rolls: 35 mm 50 mm
Length of rolls: 10 cm 15 mm
Operating width from- to:3-8; 4-13 cm
Capacity of hopper: 250 cm3 750 cm3
Motor capacity: 70 Watt 120 Watt
Net weight: 6,5 kg 12 kg
Casing: Aluminium / Plastic-White
Output : (With matters of medium consistency and full operating width)
60 g / min 7 kg / h
SIMPLEX - Three Roller Ointment Mills EXAKT 35 and 50 

For more than 30 years EXAKT Three Roller Ointment Mills are successfully being used in making prescriptions in pharmacies and hospitals as well as in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, screen printing trade, paint and ceramic industries. They are especially suited for the intensive trituration and dispersion of pasty and / or fluid matters. For the range of application in medicine (ointments) cosmetics and / or materials sensitive to metals it is advisable to equip the machine with hard porcelain rollers. What is being recommended to customers in the screen printing  trade, paint and ceramic industries is, that either tempered, hard-chrome plated steel rollers or hard porcelain rollers be used (depending upon ingrediences of the materials to be processed). For these purposes the more rugged model EXAKT 50 is recommended. These appliances are especially  suitable for lab operations and / or minor productions. By permitting an intensive grinding (without incurring any loss) of the products - of even smallest quantities (just 5 grammes to begin with) this type of machine guarantees the economical operation in production of pigments,composing recipes and testing of samples etc.  

Add. / Extra Equipment available (according to your needs):

Rollers of hard chromium plated steel No. 1511  No.  1512