Technical Data :
Machine TypeExakt 80 Exakt120
Width x Depth:48x40cm 75x55cm
Height without hopper:33cm 45cm
Diameter of rolls:80mm 120mm
Length of rolls:25 cm 45 cm
Operating width from -            to:8-21cm 20-40cm

Capacity of hopper:ca.

3litres ca.10litres

Capacity of drive
Revalution step 1:0,2 kW 0,6 kW
Revalution step 2:0,4 kW 1,0 kW
Three phase motor, poleswitchable
V / Hz 3 x 380 / 50 or 3 x 220 / 50
Net weight:42 kg 125 kg
Cover: Aluminium, hammer scale, green varnish
Output (with matters of medium consistancy
and full operating width) :
Revalution step 1 12 kg / h 30 kg / h
Revalution step 2 20 kg / h 45 kg / h
SIMPLEX - Three Roller Ointment Mills EXAKT 80 / 120

The larger kind of machines - i. e. the bench type 3-Roller Ointment Mills EXAKT are for more than 20 years in practical service with rather a widespread range of application. For grinding ointments, cosmetics or other matters sensitive to metals we recommend to equip the machine with hard porcelain rollers.

For the diverse necessities in the paint-, screenprinting-, porcelain- and ceramic industries the machine may be equipped with either hard porcelain or with tempered and hard chromed steel rollers.

An additional watercooling or heating system permits the processing of temperature-sensitiv matters, and / or those whose operating consistancy depends upon certain temperatures. In EXAKT Three Roller Ointment Mills the rollers are arranged in series. The gaps between rollers may be adjusted precisely in parallel according to respective requirements. The rollers turn at different speeds and in opposite directions to each other thus warranting an intensive trituration and homogenization of pasty and / or fluid matters. Rollers and drive revolve in ball bearings and need no service.

The machines are standardly equipped with motors running at two possible speeds.