Planetary Mixers 2 l

for all branches of the chemical industris, for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and foodstuffs industris ;for stirring , mixing , kneading emulsying , adding gas , granulating extracting air, and homogenizing ; with infinetely variable speed regulation and bowl scraper . All parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel . Stirrers , bowl scrapers and bowls are easy to remowe. The planetary movement of the stirring tools allows a maximum  mixing effect and is all the same time easy on the product . Bowl  scraper and stirrer rotate clocwise within the bowl while  the stirrer itself is pivoting at the same time anti-glockwise. By this countermotion the material which the scraper takes off the  wall of the bowl is returned to the mixing process. A great vatiety ofaccessories and different stirrer forms ensure that our machines can be used for the most difficult  stirring tasks and for any product whatever. We will be glad  to meet any special requests by our customers.

Power  40 Watt [3 ; 7 Nm]
Speed max 100
Tank / Vessel 2 Liter  (1,7 Liter useful)
Volume of double casing 1,5 Liter
Hcatig of double casing extern
High 750 mm
Width 400 mm
Total depth including container for stirring purposes 550 mm
Gravity 50 kg
Control cabinet 200 x 200 x 120 mm